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 30 years from tragedy at Olympiakos-Karaiskakis Stadium

фебруар 08, 2011, 04:50:05 пре подне
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30 years from tragedy at Olympiakos-Karaiskakis Stadium
« послато: фебруар 08, 2011, 04:50:05 пре подне »
Three decades ago, after the victory over AEK at the kop where Olympiacos supporters were staged, the celebratory stampede killed 21 people.

On Tuesday February 8th, 2011, it is 30th anniversary of the darkest day in the history of Olympiacos. Thirty years ago at the Karaiskakis stadium in Piraeus, after winning 6-0 over AEK, 21 persons lost their lives. Since then without exception, every year we remember the anniversary of their death. In addition at the G7's terrace, there is a banner dedicated to the victims: "Brothers, you are alive and you are our leaders."

The tragedy was the result of human carelessness. When joyful and happy masses wanted to leave the stadium after the game in order to celebrate the victory on the streets of Athens, the door of "Gate 7" was closed and locked. It created a stampede and scared the masses that resulted in 21 victims. On Karaiskakis, this day is distinguished as the saddest day ever.

Translated from: Vecernje Novosti - online


On Wikipedia under "Karaiskakis Stadium disaster", it is written:

Even though this incident affected almost solely the fanbase of Olympiacos, other teams occasionally pay their respects to the people killed as well, as they consider the incident a tragedy not only for one team, but for the whole country. In the past, even foreign teams, such as Liverpool F.C. and Red Star Belgrade have honored the incident's victims.
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Када би Брус Ли, играо за Звезду,
Маракана била би, у змајевом гнезду...